A fresh aesthetic, flexible collaboration with meticulous attention to detail and timely delivery are some ways to would describe Karin Enskog’s work. Working with Karin never fails to be a pleasure and her services come highly recommended for the reasons mentioned, but also because she maintains a positive, dedicated attitude and is always keen on the subject matter.
— Dimah Gasim, UNEP, Sudan
Very well made, beautifully detailed, highly professional and extremely creative and original. SUDIA was asked to prepare the text and Karin provided drafts, shared her ideas and asked for our opinions and preferences, which she then took into account. She was enthusiastic, flexible and always available for input and suggestions. I would strongly recommend Karin’s services to other clients. We were overwhelmed with the high quality of the end product. SUDIA could not have been more satisfied with her work.
— Lykke Stavnes, SUDIA, Sudan
Her interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence were immensely strong and helped her be so effective with people. But, to be honest, what I most liked about working with Karin, was her sheer “likeability” factor - Karin was a generous spirit, who effused positive energy and had positive regard for everyone, inviting them to be their better selves. I liked working with Karin because she inspired me to be better, and she did the same with her team and probably everyone else she worked with. I would highly recommend Karin as she is special, someone with the intellect to match her emotional intelligence, someone with the head, heart and hands that can inspire others and transform communication and outcomes, someone who can bring simplicity and clarity to a complex turbulent world - a true asset.
— Gerald West, Deluxe Media Services, UK



Karin has the ability to understand the priorities of the national counterparts, UN and the global conventions and has the ability to comprehend the sensitivities and bring out a product which meets the requirements of all stakeholders and at the same time maintains a high quality. She has been quite consultative in her work, listening to all stakeholders with patience and accommodating all views and, finally coming up with solutions acceptable to all stakeholders. She has been delivering all results against tight deadlines and never missed a deadline. I would recommend her for any future assignments since she has great respect for the work she undertakes and has great regard for time and quality in ensuring the delivery of results. Her products for the units have been acclaimed as internationally best products. The brochure she produced for Gender resulted in a 300,000 USD project within less than a month, which speaks about the quality of work and comprehension she has on the stakeholder and partner situation. Encouraged by results, we have decided to work with her on extremely sensitive topics like radicalization and violent extremism.
— Shivas Kumar, UNDP, Sudan
Karin’s work looks modern and professional. It contains all the necessities in a simple and stylish way. The end result tends to turn out much better than what I had in mind. I appreciate the constant updates Karin gives and that she continues to check our requirements during every step. She responds quickly, works quickly, is positive, and comes up with lots of ideas. She is always approachable and easy to talk to. I would absolutely recommend Karin, because she is good value for money. She is a knowledgeable super star!
— Monica Matseke, SE1 Dental Centre, UK